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FW108 Книга правил Turning Tide

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Wow, D-Day,… where to start? Wayne and I were thrilled when this project came across our desks. We both set about pulling apart our old D-Day books and meshing them into a single book. Then we started adding web lists and a few new previously unpublished lists as well. We soon realised that one book couldn’t contain awesomeness of this magnitude, so we decided to split it into two 200-page books.

My main focus was Turning Tide, while Wayne tackled Earth & Steel. In Turning Tide we have included all of the Allied forces you have come to know and love in D Minus 1, Bloody Omaha, Monty’s Meatgrinder, Villers Bocage, and Cobra. We’ve brought all of these lists into line with our current books, adding easy-to-use company diagrams, updated points, and fixed a few small errors here and there.

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